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Tariff Requirements

Requirements For Interstate Household Goods Movers

  • Insurance (supplier/vender mall).
  • Process (Statutory) agents.
  • Tariff (notice of tariff availability) & Released rates.
Tariff Inspection And Incorporation Notice Federal law requires that movers advise shippers that they may inspect the tariffs that govern your shipment. Carriers tariff, by this reference, are made a part of contract of carriage (bill of lading) between you and the carrier and may be inspected at carriers facility; or, on request, carrier will furnish a copy of any tariff provision containing carriers rates, rules or charges governing your shipment, the terms of which cannot be varied. 

Incorporated tariff provisions include but are not limited to those:

  1. Establishing limitation of carriers liability, the principal features of which are described in the valuation declaration section of the bill of lading.
  2. setting the time periods for filing claims, the principal features of which are described in Section 6 of the bill of lading; and
  3. Reserving the carriers right to assess additional charges for additional services performed and, on non-binding estimates, to base charges upon the exact weight of the goods transported.
Customer complaint & Inquiry Handling To Our Valued Customers : 

The department of Transportation, in 49 CFR 375.213, requires that each household good carrier must furnish to each of its prospective individually shipper customers a written description of the customer and inquiry handling procedure established and maintained by the carrier. You may communicate in writing directly with the Main Street Movers agent that booked your shipment or you may contact Main Street Movers at its corporate office at the address shown below. If you choose to write to your local Main Street Movers agent, you need to provide us with a photocopy of your communication, either by mail or by fax. And include your Customer Order Number.

Main Street Movers
Attention: Customer Service Department
Post Office Box 123
Pothole Nebraska 55234Fax : 308-456-7890
E-mail :
Call : 1-800-999-1234

Required Documentation:

  • Written estimate binding or non-binding, before order for Service is executed.
  • Must observe 110% Rule no hostage shipments.
  • Some provide customers hybrid estimates.
  • Must be based on physical survey if goods are located within 50 miles of place of business (Shipper may waive requirement but must do so in writing)
Waiver Of Physical Survey Requirement; I understand that under Section 14101 of Title 49 USC, I am entitled to receive a written estimate for Transporting my household good shipment. I further understand that my mover must conduct a physical survey of articles I intend to move and must provide the estimate of charges based on the physical survey. I also understand that I may waive my right to the physical survey of my goods by signing this waiver. Understanding my rights, my signature below indicates my desire to waive my right to receive an estimate based on physical survey of my shipment.__________________________________ __________________
(Signature) (Date)
NOTE : Sample only, waiver language may differ by carrier
  • Charges on shipment rated under non-binding estimates must be based on weight NOT volume or hours.
  • Order For Service written agreement between the COD shippers and the mover that authorizes the carrier to move the shippers goods.
  • Must include basic shipment information, including pickup & delivery dates and form of payment honored at delivery.
  • Not a contract, but a supporting document to the Bill of Lading.
  • Inventory detailed listing of the count and condition of the goods to be shipped.
  • Prepared at loading & shipper must have opportunity to verify count & condition both at origin & destination.
  • Used as receipt of acceptance of the goods by the carrier / shipper.
  • Bill of Lading the receipt for the goods and contract for their transportation.
  • Lists the dates, services and charges that will apply for the shipment.
  • Contains the valuation options for shippers selection (may be contained on Order for service as option).
  • Required Procedures
  • Weighing & Weights performed at Certified Scale by Weight Master; weight tickets to accompany final invoice; shipper may request re-weight & must waive his right to observe the re-weight weighing in writing.
Waiver of Re-weight Requirement; I Understand that under part 375 of Title 49 USC, I may request a re-weight of my shipment before it is delivered and that I have the right to observe the re-weight process. If I elect to waive my right to observe the re-weight, I must do so in writing. Understanding my rights, my signature below indicates my desire to waive my right to observe the re-weight of my shipment._________________________________ ________________________
(Signature) (Date)
The waiver of my right observes the weighing or re-weighing of my shipment dose not affect any of my other rights regarding my shipment.
NOTE :  Sample only, waiver language may differ by carrier
  • Claims acknowledge within 30 days & provide disposition with 120 days.
  • Released Rates Valuation
  • All movers are required to assume liability for the value of the goods they transport.
  • The levels of liability are prescribed by the released Rate Orders.
  • Valuation is NOT insurance
  • Contractual limit of liability
  • Subject to Carmack conditions
  • Prescribes nature and extent of carrier liability
  • Governed by federal Released Rates Order not by state insurance board.
  • FVP level of liability automatically applies subject to the tariff valuation charges.
  • If shipper wishes to avoid these charges, he must specifically release shipment to 60-cent level of liability.
  • Shipper failure to declare alternative level means FVP level and valuation charges apply.
  • The high Value Option also remains.
  • STB has proposed changes in Amendment 5 to RRO MC-999
    • Initial Cost Estimate must include FVP level of protection.
  • Can provide a second estimate based on 60 cents if you choose to do so.
    • Any waiver of FVP liability must be accomplished on separate document.
    • Amounts ($4.90/$5,000) be adjusted for inflation.
  • Bureau Filed Comments in July
  • Agreed with spirit of revisions to reduce shipper confusion & to provide cost estimates that include FVP as standard level.
  • Did not support mandatory separate Valuation Statement for released rates shipments; instead suggested simplified Valuation Statement (for O/S. B/L or optional separate document).
  • Also recommended resetting the Valuation Levels and associated charges ($4.90 to $6.00 and $5000 to $6000).
  • Household goods carrier must publish their rates in a tariff (ICCTA 13702).
  • Longstanding Ratemaking Agreement terminated as of December 31, 2007.
    Will Need to Make Two Choices
  • How you want to publish your tariff
    • Use AMSA 400 or 600
    • Use another tariff basis
    • Develop your custom tariff
    • Publish yourself
  • What Rules and Rates you want to put in your tariff
    • Adopt a version of an HGB Bureau tariff customized for your operation
    • Develop your own
  • Dr Mover New Tool will do that all in a click of a button.

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