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Common Tariff Questions

If you are using 400N or 600N we can customize your tariff in the same day

  • No more 400N, what do you do?
    Here at Dr. Mover we have been trained by AMSA to give you the easiest answer and not to complicate your business. We have developed a tool that you will be able to publish your own tariff, and more than that you will be able to change the publication by yourself without somebody else’s help.
  • How do the new regulations affect interstate moving companies?
    The Surface Transportation Board has ruled that effective January 1, 2008 interstate motor carriers are not immune from collective rate-marking (collective tariff-making). The end to this immunity may subject interstate motor carriers to anti-trust prosecution for operating collectively with other motor carriers using the same tariff. Effectively, to avoid anti-trust prosecution by the Department of Justice each motor carrier should have their own custom tariff published.
  • What are the anti-trust regulations?
    The Sherman Act outlaws all contracts, combinations and conspiracies that unreasonably restrain interstate and foreign trade. This includes agreements among competitors to fix prices, rig bids and allocate customers. The Sherman Act also makes it a crime to monopolize any part of interstate commerce. An unlawful monopoly exists when only one firm controls the market for a product or service, and it has obtained that market power, not because its product or service is superior to others, but by suppressing competition with anticompetitive conduct. The Act is not violated simply when one firm’s vigorous competition and lower prices take sales from its less efficient competitors–that is competition working properly. U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Enforcement and the Consumer:<>
  • Must the tariff be filed with the US DOT or any government agency?
    No. Federal law does not require that a moving company file or have the tariff approved by the US DOT. However, the law does require that the tariff be published and made available to any shipper whom makes a reasonable request to view it. Additionally, tariffs must be kept updated and available to any representative of the US DOT who makes a request to view it. Moving companies must provide written notice to customers of the availability of the tariff.
  • How can moving companies protect themselves from anti-trust prosecution?
    Motor carriers must charge customers the exact rates from the tariff. No services may be offered to a customer which are not provided for in the tariff. A motor carrier may not charge a customer more or less than the specific tariff rate. All charges for services provided to a customer must exactly match the rates of the tariff. For example, if the tariff price for 1,400 lbs. for a move from California to Florida is $0.50 per pound then the motor carrier must charge exactly $0.50; not one cent more nor one cent less. (49 USC section13702(a)(2))
  • Why must a moving company have a tariff?
    A tariff is a legal document required to be published by every interstate moving company. The tariff specifies the exact prices, services, rules, regulations, classifications, policies, and other provisions of the services offered by the moving company. A moving company is bound by the terms of the tariff; it must only provide the exact services and prices as listed in it.
  • How will the Dr. Mover Tariff Customization Tool help me?
    This tool that we developed will give you everything you need to setup your rate structure and to keep track of any amendments made to the tariff as time goes on. In the tool you will select all of the pricing components that you will use for any move and you will designate the pricing for each part. When an amendment is made to the tariff the Tariff Customization Tool will log that change with a date and time stamp.
  • What is the next step?
    Dr. Mover has been trained by AMSA in Tariff Publication and is currently offering Tariff publication Tool as a Service for moving companies. Dr. Mover, Inc. will help you publish your Tariff, and remain in compliance so that you do not find yourself operating illegally as of the beginning of the year 2008.

We have a team on hand that has been trained with AMSA to be able to help you with your tariff publication needs.
Please contact them
at (954) 735-7747 or

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