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About Us


Dr. Mover, Inc. was established on June, 2002. The company founders include former moving business owners, with more then 10 years of experience, and vastly knowledgeable software engineers. These highly experienced people understood the need in the moving and storage businesses for a software solution that will utilize technology to enable efficiency, flexibility, better customer interactions and service, and real time business control. Ever since then, we have prided ourselves in providing the moving and storage businesses with the best technology solutions and customer support.

In July 2003, the first Dr. Mover production version, including the innovative Leads Acquisition and Distribution Engine, was delivered to the market. Throughout the following years, we continued to add advanced features and modules, including the Multi-office module. These intensive additions keep Dr. Mover ahead of any other software provider.

Keeping with the tradition of being current with the times we have added even more features to add on-line interactions with the consumer, credit card processing, advanced real-time fleet management, and mobile on-site computing. This will give your business the tools to change with the times and still be adaptive to give your customer the best support and coverage.

We are confident that the Dr. Mover moving and storage software solutions we offer will allow any company to make our software fit their mold. Why should you have to purchase software and conform to steps that are counter productive to your company’s needs? Here at Dr. Mover we strive to continually add more features and ideas to expand potential output.

Our planet is important to us! Using Dr. Mover will enable your company to “Go Green” and save the planet’s valuable resources. Not to mention saving you money by eliminating useless printing. All of your data information is always available at a click of a button and it does not matter whether it was five minutes ago or five years ago. Take advantage of our technology to reduce your company’s carbon foot print!

As more and more businesses realize that Dr. Mover software solutions will bring them faster and cheaper growth with unlimited scalability, we continue to grow successfully. We look intently into the future to embrace new technology and a better world!

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