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Dr. Mover Inventory


Dr. Mover noticed the importance of being able to track warehouse stock usage and truck inventory. This necessity brought the Dr. Mover Inventory Asset Management into being. Take control of your available supply of boxes in your warehouse. Know exactly when you need to reorder supplies before they run out! The Dr. Mover Inventory control will let you monitor supply usage among your trucks to know the difference of what was sent out versus what actually came back into the warehouse. You also have the ability to see your retail and wholesale pricing side by side to better manage profitability. The software has a built in purchase order manager to see all vender expenses, items in each order, number of items lost to damage, and items actually in stock.

With all these great features we have gone one step further! The Dr. Mover Inventory Asset Management program will fully integrate with the Dr. Mover Corporate Edition so that as you dispatch jobs in the Van Lines software and utilize packing materials, those selected items will automatically synchronize into the Inventory program so that you will always have a real-time view over all items that are available and used! There will be no need for double entry.

  • Manage supply vendors
  • Track all storage and warehouse assets
  • Setup low supply alerts to never run out of materials
  • Record wholesale and retail pricing
  • Create purchase orders for supplies
  • Trucks management
  • Employee access control
  • Monitor storage locations individually
  • Synchronize with the Dr. Mover Corporate Edition
  • View loading and unloading of materials in trucks
  • Prioritize orders by scheduled times
  • Real-time inventory of any location’s consumables base stock, sold, or left on the truck

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