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Tariff Advice

Dr. Mover has prepared information about the changes in the tariff requirements and general information if you do not know where to begin. We do offer a variety of software solutions to keep your moving company in adherence with tariff regulations. Feel free to read and browse all of our information in what you need to do in order to accomplish long distance moves and stay compliant with DOT.

Common Tariff Questions

If you are using 400N or 600N we can customize your tariff in the same day No more 400N, what do you do? Here at Dr. Mover we have been trained by AMSA to give you the easiest answer and not to complicate your business. We have developed a tool that you will be able …

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Helpful Links

Please feel free to browse our helpful links page to find out important information for the moving and storage industry! FEDERAL/ NATIONAL WEBSITES – MOVER INFORMATION: American Moving & Storage Association BBB – Better Business Bureau DOT – Department of Transportation EIA – U.S. Energy Information Administration FHA – Federal Highway Administration FMCSA – National Consumer Complaint Database …

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Tariff Comparison

Not all Tariffs are the same! The Surface Transportation Board’s change in the law governing interstate tariffs has created an outgrowth of “tariff companies” claiming to be experts in publishing interstate tariffs. Be cautious of any company who claims to publish a custom tariff for your business. Not all tariffs are the same. The greatest …

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Tariff Requirements

Requirements For Interstate Household Goods Movers Insurance (supplier/vender mall). Process (Statutory) agents. Tariff (notice of tariff availability) & Released rates. Tariff Inspection And Incorporation Notice Federal law requires that movers advise shippers that they may inspect the tariffs that govern your shipment. Carriers tariff, by this reference, are made a part of contract of carriage …

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