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Dr. Mover Corporate Edition

DR. MOVER ADVANCED MOVE MANAGEMENT The Dr. Mover Advanced Move Management aka the Dr. Mover Corporate Edition gives large companies and van lines the ability to keep customer satisfaction high while improving efficiency. Set up detailed work flows for your sales to make sure they are sending out the correct documentation and staying on task. Department managers can view their employees’ activity for additional verification that customers are being handled properly. By using multiple monitors your dispatcher will stay in real-time with all bookings and crews in the field. For superior customer service, have surveys you created go out to the clients after their move. More importantly, questions answered can trigger a response for additional services or manager intervention. For accounting, the Dr. Mover Corporate Edition gives you the ability to pay your employees by groups or individuals. In addition to these features, the software gives you the flexibility to pay hourly rates, mileage, commissions, by payments made, from extra charges, and tariff charges. Use the payment wizard to run payroll for your employees. Yet one more great feature of the Dr. Mover Corporate Edition is the ability to grab reports on any activity in the system. You can use the report tool to run the daily queries for the information you need, for example: Profit & Loss, Payments, and Storage Rent Roll to name a few. Looking for even more reporting options No problem, set up your own custom reports using our report wizard and choose from hundreds of highly customizable fields. Do you have offices spread out around the country? Offices can be implemented with centralized, decentralized, or a hybrid of both to store and access the database information. Each Office also contains individual rights for employees, letters, customer routing, and surveys. This was the main corporate office can control all access and clearance to the offices.


  • Search engine optimization (SEO) monitoring
  • Track in-bound traffic by keywords targeted, referral site, IP address, country, state, and city sources
  • Transmit mass E-mails for sales promotions, newsletters, and coupons
  • Scrutinize job sources to improve advertising efficiency
  • Improved filter templates for quick views


  • Automatic On-line estimates
  • Existing customers can view or change their move information based upon what you give them clearance to view or modify
  • Supports any tariff from local, state, or customized
  • Unlimited client Email addresses
  • Able to grab any lead from any provider (Your website lead included!)
  • Advanced client management
  • Heavy-duty leads manager displaying all relevant information per employee
  • Effortless on-site estimator scheduling
  • Document detailed notes that are user, date, and time stamped
  • Two-way communications between sales and the client with all correspondence saved in the client’s file
  • Mileage, weight, and cubic feet are calculated automatically
  • Powerful extra charges manager for further customization of your rates
  • Include packing and unpacking
  • Form letters are generated by a click of the mouse with all the client and pricing information
  • Send E-mails to all your customers with a touch of a button
  • Useful follow-up features that can be used for pop-up reminders
  • Easy search tool with many different ways to find client information
  • Complete inventory list to assist sales team to function more efficiently


  • Send out automatic surveys to tighten up quality control and keep customer satisfaction high
  • Based on the survey responses notification will be sent to the correct department or manager for additional services
  • Utilize customer service representatives to continually give prestigious concierge support
  • Credit card processing
  • Changes log
  • Sales booking ratios
  • Electronic signature
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Phenomenal reporting wizard to track any aspect of your operations from a single person to a whole department
  • Use our powerful Mass printing or E-mail feature to contact all your customers, employees, agents, storages, and carriers
  • Setup a work flow to automatically send out booking contracts and follow up letters
  • Extensive employee rights management to fine tune access for each department
  • Daily calendar that is easy to use for scheduling on-site appointments
  • Employee deduction manager


  • Create unlimited pickups, deliveries, and any other schedule types
  • Arrange to see your jobs in a calendar view which will make scheduling easier
  • Filter out only the data you need
  • Built-in forecast calendar to show booking limits and booking ratios
  • Forecast calendar for multiple dispatching of trucks, carriers, and men at a click of a button
  • Trip planner to maximize long distance trailers for full capacity no matter where they are headed
  • Cutting-edge dispatch board
  • View stationed and non-stationed operational employees
  • Update employee’s hours
  • Denote jobs that are in process or complete with a colored forecast desktop
  • Inventory management control of all warehouse assets
  • Synchronize data to other companies or offices
  • International container planning for LCL and FCL moves
  • Mass print your leads, letters, inventory list, dispatch, and more without effort
  • Complete truck management
  • Carrier management


  • Instant data synchronization between the Android device and the main office
  • Engineered for on-site estimators, drivers, and foreman
  • Record client and scheduling details
  • Special inventory list featuring: pack by owner (PBO), carrier packed (CP), not going (NG)
  • Photograph the customer’s items and also have that picture in the office
  • Send E-mail contracts
  • Define detailed job statuses (On-site, Booked, etc.) and job types (Local, Long Distance, etc.)
  • Customizable Tariff support for local and long distance
  • Create Extra Charges
  • Add quantity for men and trucks
  • GPS tracking
  • Calculate job mileage
  • Maps and driving directions


  • Enhanced trip planner for containers to easily build LCL and FCL loads
  • Define container types
  • Set trip time frames with start and end points
  • Share the jobs information with agents handling the destination services
  • Customize the shipping lines vessel information your company works with
  • Imbed Client documentation into the job
  • Searchable container, seal, SED, and BOL numbers


  • Track property damage
  • Unique claims identification number
  • E-mail fully customizable claims letters directly to the customer
  • Document detailed notes
  • Include third party vendors
  • View detailed items list damage
  • Claims statuses
  • Attach pictures or documents directly into the customer’s file
  • Follow claims that are customer complaints
  • Define types of damages with a detailed description per item
  • Connect deductions to the employee responsible for damages
  • Set managerial approval before the claims process can proceed


  • Storage location calendar to view all storage location’s availability and occupancy
  • Powerful search engine to search by customer name, job number, lot number, lot color, and by storage location
  • Barcode tracking for move-in and move-out of mobile storage units
  • Detailed address system to show all storage locations in the warehouse
  • Generate monthly statements
  • Automatic monthly storage credit card processing
  • Create custom promotions
  • Setup late fees
  • First month pro-rated billing
  • Generate monthly statements
  • Monthly payment plans

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