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Dr. Mover has different software packages to fit your company’s immediate needs. Each version has its own unique database housing so that your data will be saved in your location. Feel free to browse our list of products that contain many rich software features that will give you a better insight.

Dr. Mover Corporate Edition

DR. MOVER ADVANCED MOVE MANAGEMENT The Dr. Mover Advanced Move Management aka the Dr. Mover Corporate Edition gives large companies and van lines the ability to keep customer satisfaction high while improving efficiency. Set up detailed work flows for your sales to make sure they are sending out the correct documentation and staying on task. …

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Dr. Mover Inventory

DR. MOVER INVENTORY ASSET MANAGEMENT Dr. Mover noticed the importance of being able to track warehouse stock usage and truck inventory. This necessity brought the Dr. Mover Inventory Asset Management into being. Take control of your available supply of boxes in your warehouse. Know exactly when you need to reorder supplies before they run out! …

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Dr. Mover Standard Edition

DR. MOVER MOVE MANAGEMENT Dr. Mover, Inc. would like to introduce you to our Standard Move Management software. This was made for ease of use and a quick setup time to get your operation up and running. Customers can be added to the system automatically from any leads provider and from your website. Leads can …

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Feature Comparison

Features Inventory Tariff Management Tool Standard Edition Van Lines Edition Automatic Estimate Automatic Storage Invoicing & Charging Auto Pay For Storage Claims Client Data Access On-Line Container Planner Data Synchronization Electronic Signature Employee Deductions Export Data To Excel Exports to QuickBooks Extensive Right Management Lead Packing Synchronization Letter Triggering Mass Email Mass Printing On-Line Customer …

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