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The multi offices module enables controlled data sharing, and business control to different business model requirements.

Leveraging multi offices, large and very large businesses (corporate), or regional associations will be able to manage and control their different offices/franchises in a very efficient hierarchical way. These organizations can now have operational control together with real time summarization and/or detail business view. In addition, the multi offices will enable these organizations to utilize available capacity between the different moving or storage companies where work assignment can be transfer fully automatically.

Multi offices provides unlimited hierarchy levels to fit any level of organization complexity.

Like all the other DR. MOVER modules, the multi offices is a rule base and table driven engine. Offices set-up (Corporate, regions ) together with data access limitations are all table driven definitions that controlled by the authorized administrators (no code change required).

This solution approach will fit to businesses that are looking for decentralized management, where each office has its own management freedom, will enjoy the information sharing (share work and facilities like storage), can automatically transfer work between offices, and has to comply with some (configurable) of the corporate administration and legal rules.

In this deployment every office has its own DR. MOVER software. The different offices are connected to each other through the WWW or through a dedicated VPN, where the corporate has unlimited access to the offices data, and the different offices have configurable limited access to each other data.

Main Features:

  • DR. MOVER SW deployed into every office.
  • Leads are processed separately and are distributed locally.
  • Corporate will have complete business view via reports or real time queries.
  • By configuration, the corporate can have secure control on part of the reference data, while each office will have control on the rest.
  • Based on reference data definitions, each offices employees can have limited access to other offices data. This is mainly done in order to share work and storage. The offices have control on which work or storage they allowed/willing to share. Work assignment between the offices is done (push and pull) in a click of a mouse (as any regular lead) while all the commissions (billing) calculations are done automatically


Global Shipping (GS) is a corporate that decided to improve its moving business. The new business plan guidelines were:

  • Consistency and quality customer service by all its franchises (offices)
  • Utilize moving capacity and storage between its franchises
  • Corporate business control to enable the corporate understanding of the industry trends, and the franchises performance on a real time or periodic bases
  • Franchises freedom to manage their day to day businesses

GS senior management asked their IT VP (Doug) to look for an information system solution that will enable GS to execute their business plan. Doug, formatted the business requirements into RFP and sent it to seven different moving software providers.

After reviewing the DR. MOVER proposed solution he thought that this is the direction his management asked him to follow. Once he met the DR. MOVER people he knew that he found the right partner with the right information system solution for GS.

The below layout describes GS solution architecture

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