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Dr. Mover Tariff Tool


Dr. Mover has developed a tariff management tool for the Moving industry. This advanced tariff management tool will give you the ability to stay within compliance with DOT. You will be able to amend your tariff and publish it at any given time.

One of the main design directions that we ruled into our software was the generic approach to be able to publish your tariff based off of a price per pound, price per cube, and price per hour or stay with the structure of 400N/600N.

In the DR. Mover tariff management tool changes are under your control and when you do make a change, the new tariff rate is date and time stamped in a log that can be printed out and viewed. Also, within the tariff management tool you will have your tariff’s Terms & Conditions built-in. Stay up to date with any changes in the industry by adding your own extra charges. Now combine all these features with your own packing and unpacking prices will give you the best ability to mold the Tariff Management Tool to your business model.

  • Tariff Publishing (Publish your tariff at any time to stay current with your tariff amendments)
  • Tariff Terms & Conditions
  • Flexibility to use any of the 400N/600N Components
  • Or step away from the 400N/600N entirely and use a price per pound, price per cube, and/or price per hour
  • Ability to add your own custom charges
  • All price changes are date stamped, time stamped, and saved into a log
  • Customize your tariff name and company settings
  • Record complete customer information for contact, pickup address, pickup time, delivery address, and delivery time
  • Take an items list from your customers and have the weight and cube calculated automatically
  • Use your own pricing for custom packing and unpacking lists
  • Mileage automatically calculated
  • Ability to export data into HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, and plain text formats
  • Print any information from the system
  • Stamp your tariff name, company name, address, phone numbers, and DOT number to any documents exported from the software

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