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The purpose of this information is to define the different types of deployment that you can do to incorporate Dr. Mover applications into your company’s infrastructure. In this modern day and age where almost any IT possibility exists you need products and solutions to expand and grow with your changes. This is where the Dr. Mover moving and storage applications will bring your company upto the next level and expand your capabilities!

Dr. Mover Tariff Tool

DR. MOVER TARIFF MANAGEMENT TOOL Dr. Mover has developed a tariff management tool for the Moving industry. This advanced tariff management tool will give you the ability to stay within compliance with DOT. You will be able to amend your tariff and publish it at any given time. One of the main design directions that …

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In the following pages we will discuss the various options for small to large moving and storage businesses and different solutions to setup your company. This will give your company time to pre-analyze the existing scenarios and then compare them with your expected implementation requirements. This will enable an easier start up to fit your …

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Mobile Estimator

MOBILE ESTIMATOR ON THE GO Here at Dr. Mover we have great solutions for on-site estimators, Drivers, and Foreman! Our goal is to make their job process easy and efficient with a direct connection to their home office. The advantage for your outside employees is that they can generate new contracts to keep up with …

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One Package That Has It All

Dr. Mover is a one-stop shop where you will get all of your moving and storage software needs in one complete package. The flow chart below is a visual representation of how the software will streamline your company’s day to day operational activities. With all of your company’s information at a touch of a button, …

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Dr. Mover understands the demands for storage companies by giving you the ability to easily manage, track, and bill your customers. Our approach to storage can start in different ways depending on whether you are only a storage business or a moving and storage company. To assist in handling storage for your moving and storage …

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