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Dr. Mover Standard Edition


Dr. Mover, Inc. would like to introduce you to our Standard Move Management software. This was made for ease of use and a quick setup time to get your operation up and running. Customers can be added to the system automatically from any leads provider and from your website. Leads can be filtered and handed out to sales based upon parameters you set. Create custom letters that can be E-mailed to your customer. This can be anything from an estimate to job contracts. Take a detailed inventory from customers by sending them the list they can fill out or taken by phone. Any Items list that comes back into the customers job will update the file and you will have the choice whether this will affect the pricing or not. Schedule pop-up reminders to never miss a call. Keep records of payments and claims in each customers job. Use the daily calendar to see booked jobs and then effortlessly attach the truck and workers. Rest assured that with the Dr. Mover Standard Move Management in your corner will save you time and money which will help your company grow.

Features List at a glance:

  • Will support any tariff from local, state, or customized
  • Tariff Management Tool
  • Tariff Publication
  • Able to grab any lead from any provider (This includes leads from your website!)
  • Can support multiple pickups and deliveries
  • You have the option to include packing and unpacking
  • Advanced client management
  • Easy search tool with many different ways to find client information
  • Complete inventory list to assist sales team to function more efficiently
  • Mileage, weight, and cubic feet are calculated automatically
  • Claims embedded in the lead
  • Powerful extra charges manager for further customization of your rates
  • Form letters are generated by a click of the mouse with all the client and pricing information
  • Take advantage of letter triggering and repeat letter follow-ups
  • Useful follow-up features that can be used for note taking and pop-up reminders
  • Send E-mails to all your customers with a touch of a button
  • Record all employees that work on each job
  • Extensive employee rights management to fine tune access for each department
  • Phenomenal reporting wizard to track any aspect of your operations from a single person to a whole department
  • Print your leads, letters, inventory list, dispatch, and more without effort
  • Arrange to see your jobs in a calendar view which will make scheduling easier
  • Input your Tariff Terms & Conditions
  • Flexibility to use any of the 400N/600N Components
  • Or step away from the 400N/600N entirely and use a price per pound, price per cube, and/or price per hour
  • Ability to add your own custom charges
  • Setup employee payment defaults to process payroll
  • Storage management

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