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Alissa stripped, now she was almost totally naked, save for a white garter belt and white stockings, she was behind Susan as they lifted her body, placing free youporn teen her on her knees on the carpeted box, they gently leaned her upper body downward, and fitted her wrists and her neck into the grooves. They swung the top half shut, and Susan was now restrained in a stocks style restraint, just like the kind that had been used for punishments many years ago. A strap fastened to the top was fitted around her forehead, keeping her head up. Alissa had dreamed about this scenario for years, getting Susan under her control, and having her way with her. It was perfect, the large carpeted box lifted her off the floor, and her mouth was at a perfect level to suck the hard cocks that her Daddy and her Uncles were going to give her. And, Alissa had a few things in mind about what she was going to do with Susan’s sexy rump, her tight, pretty pink asshole and her tight pink pussy.


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